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Last updated:
1 Apr 1999

Tim Taylor

Room E6,
Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh,
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2QL, U.K.

[old contact details removed: TJT, 28 Jan 01]

some stuff about me...
Welcome to my personal page! First, let me fill you in on some essential facts...

I was born in Portsmouth in 1970, and grew up in Petersfield, which is a fairly small town in Hampshire in the south of England. I have a twin brother, Richard, and two older sisters, Anne and Kate. My parents still live in Petersfield.

I went to school at Churcher's College in Petersfield, and did my first degree at Trinity College, Cambridge. After this I moved to Edinburgh to do an MSc with this crowd, then worked in London for a couple of years.

But skimming quickly over these first 26 years, I am now living in Edinburgh and doing a PhD in a vaguely Artificial Life type of subject.

I live with my boyfriend Pete, who comes from the quaint Scottish town of Glenrothes. We met when I was doing my MSc in Edinburgh in 1992 and have been together ever since then. Pete works in the Department of Meteorology at Edinburgh University, where he's a member of a development group creating interactive teaching modules for undergraduates.

Two of the best places we've been to recently are

When I'm not travelling (i.e. most of the time these days...) I play squash and tennis quite a lot. I also use the university's gym, and occasionally go swimming. Some time ago I ran the Portsmouth Half Marathon, and one of these days I'll have a crack at the London Marathon (yeah right). I also love watching motor racing, especially Formula One.

When I'm not being energetic, I like listening to music, watching Father Ted and Twin Peaks (on video - I've finally got around to watching it), and sometimes playing games on Pete's Sony PlayStation.

Still here?

Of course, doing a PhD was only my second choice of what to do over these next few years.

That's all I've got round to putting in this page for now. If you really have nothing better to do, you'd better surf some other pages:-