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Last updated:
26 Apr 1999

Tim Taylor

Room E6, 
Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour*, 
Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2QL, U.K. 

[old contact details removed: TJT, 28 Jan 01]

* IPAB is a new institute formed largely by members of the former Department of Artificial Intelligence.

N.B. This is a copy of my webpages from when I was doing my PhD. My current web page is at http://www.tim-taylor.com

Welcome to my (old) home page!

my research interests
  • My research interests lie in abstracting the logically necessary and sufficient components and interactions for a system to be capable of supporting the emergence and subsequent evolution of living organisations. Progress in this area might bring us a better appreciation of how and why life evolved on Earth, and will also allow us to build artificial systems with great evolutionary potential. I have recently completed a PhD in this area. Click here for details .
    A six-page account of my work appears in "Virtual Organisms", a new book on artificial life by Mark Ward (Macmillan, 1999).
  • I help to organise the following groups:-
  • I am a member of the Mobile Robots Group, and maintain a web page about Artificial Life research done by members of the group. Some people in the MRG work with real robots, and some in simulation, but whichever, nearly all start off with a physical robot (real or simulated), and try to get it to evolve or learn various behaviours. Although my own research has very little to do with robots, one way of looking at it is to say that rather than starting off with a robot, I'm starting off with a pile of Lego, and hoping to evolve a robot out of that (in simulation, of course)!
  • Some of my talks are available online:-
  • Reports on a number of workshops and conferences that I've attended are available here. Some of these reports are pretty subjective, and the views expressed in them are entirely my own! Some of my research and conference trips have only been possible with the financial help of various grants.
  • I have also tried to cobble together a few pages of links to subjects that interest me:-

about me

Click here for lots of interesting facts and figures about me. If that doesn't satisfy your hunger for knowledge, click here for a brief C.V.

other stuff

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