Photos from Zermatt, August 2001

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Walk to Franz and Heidi's

View of Zermatt as we climb higher
Chris,Pete, Alan and Rob don't look down...
...over the edge
Tim and Alan emerge from the forest
Rob and Alan ready for the first beer of the day
Tim and Alan at Franz and Heidi's
Rob outside of Franz and Heidi's

Cable car from the Kliene Mattarhorn

Tim and Pete

Through the Gorge

Pete descends into the gorge
The group risk staying on the bridge
Not much room for error


Pete on the balcony of Engelhus - our home for the week
How can Pete read with the Matterhorn outside?
The kitchen/dining area

More eating and drinking

Alan, Rob and Chris pull faces

Schön Biel Hut

Tim sitting on the lorry which drives us part-way to Schön Biel
Pete, Chris and Alan strike a pose
The view as we drive
We leave the lorry all on its own...
...and head for the Schön Biel Hut
Pete and Alan straggle behind
The Matterhorn revealed
The Matterhorn seen from Schön Biel Hut
We explore the surrounding area...
...where the views are spectacular
The boys have a blether...
...then head back to
Schön Biel

The hike back to Zermatt

We treck down the hill...
...leaving Schön Biel (but not Timmy!) behind
Rob, Pete and Chris forge ahead...
...while Alan takes the rear
Tim and Pete and...?
The walk gives as som great views
A well-earned rest
Rob (sorry, boring caption)
Tim and Pete (won't these captions stop?)
Pete is the same height as the Matterhorn
Which way?
The vacationing models
"And lo, there were sheep"
Chris runs down the hill... Pete tries to fly
Zermatt appears from behind the trees
Zermatt from on high

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