Photos from our visit to New York City, April 2000

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Times Square

Times Square
Tim in Times Square
Nighttime in Times Square
Tim enjoys Times Square at night
Another shot of Times Square at night
And another!

Trip to Statue of Liberty

Pete standing in the ferry queue
View of harbour from ferry
A cloudy New York City from the ferry
NYC again
Tim on the ferry
Pete on the ferry
Statue of liberty from the ferry
Tim and NYC
Pete and NYC
Closer to Statue of Liberty... with Pete...
...and one with Tim
Last shot of NYC from the boat!

Rockefeller Center

Prometheus Statue
Tim in front of Rockefeller Center
Bottom of Rockerfeller
Top of Rockefeller

Misc New York Scenes

Pete in the financial district
Look! We're on Wall Street
Church on 5th Avenue
Pete digs into the M&Ms
The Guggenheim Museum
Pete listens to Howard Stern

Empire State Building

Approaching the building
Trying to see our hotel on Madison
Looking South from ESB
Tim at the top!
And Pete of course
A bird's eye view
Don't look down!
Looking uptown (NE)
Looking uptown (NW)
River view
Tim still at the top
Smartass photo of Tim & Pete which didn't quite work

Central Park

Fountain in the park
Another typical park view
Tim buys an icecream
Central Park overshadows Pete
Buildings over the park
Same again

World Trade Centre

Tim at the top again
You might just see the Statue of Liberty
Manhattan from WTC
Pete stands away from the window
Manhattan again
Tim has a good look
The other WTC tower
Looking down
Looking down somewhere else

Leaving New York

Tim stuffs his face at the airport
A sunset over NYC viewed from the terminal
Tim can't hack the pace!

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