Photos from Decadence (Tim & Pete's 10th Anniversary)
October 2002

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Relatively Sober start...

Tim and Pete
Tim, Pete and Nuno chatting
Suzanne looking fabulous
Mary also looking fabulous
Hell, everyone looks fabulous!

That includes you Lesa!
Simon, Rory, Corinne and Louise in booth
Ged, Chris and Joe in the boi booth
Mary, Lesa, Louise and Suzanne (and Rory too)
Lesa Lashes
Doug and friend

Drinking gets well under way

Ian and Chris enjoy a drink
Tim and Mikey
Tim, Pete Lesa and Grahame (Pete's brother)
Chris and Darren
Suzanne and Rory play coy
Corinne and Louise
Tracey and Gordon
Rob, Tim and Graeme prop up the bar
Ian chatting to Gavin
Mary and Steve, dancing or chatting?
Stewart has one of his Liza moments
Rory and an unfortunate Stewart
Simon and Louise
Suzanne relaxing in her alcove
Tracey and Lesa
Alan and Pete remember Poptastic...
...thanks to their favourite teenage dirtbag
Tracey and Lesa get comfy
Lesa and Peter posing
Lesa makes friends with the DJ
Lesa, Pete, Mary, Steve and Tim
Pete, Mary, Stewart, Steve and Tim
Stewart and Ian
Sven, Pete and Lesa
Sven and Pete
Erm, Lesa and Tim's bums
Ian and Suzanne
Sven and Stewart
Pete and Lesa in alcove
Ruth, Tracey and Gordon
Steve seems happy

Chaos Begins

Thomas has arrived!
Make way for Thomas!
Thomas, Corinne and Mary
The incredible shrinking Thomas
Corinne wanted to get something off her chest
Corinne, Thomas and Mary
Tim, Pete and Graeme, pre-Thomas
Tim, Lesa, Graeme and Thomas
First, a kiss for Graeme...
...then a kiss for Tim...

Ged, Adam and Dale in the boi booth
Ruth and Lesa
Rory and Ruth
Jake laughs it up
Gordon and Tracey
Lesa and Suzanne
Stewart wants some kissy-kissy too!
Thomas impresses Ruth with his singing
Lesa is Thomas's next victim
Suzanne and Tracey look on
Ian, Pete and Sven
Stewart and Sven
Rory dancing
Suzanne and Lesa still looking good
Rory still dancing
Pete and Tim (and Lesa)
Tim, Lesa and Suzanne

Things start getting blurry

What are Pete and Lesa up to...?
Thank God the picture is blurred!
Pete and Lesa are on the move...
...We Likey!!
Suzanne and Thomas
Lesa and friend
Tracey and Gordon head off
Stewart and Suzanne
Pete and Thomas

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